3 APRIL 1964, Page 15


Dealing with Oxbridge G. E. F. Chil ver, Rev. C. C. Potts, N. P. Wright, E. A. LI. Morgan Victory? J. Steel Maitland A Lapse of Grammar? . A. J. Croft The Population Explosion Lady Helen Nutting Greek Royals Nicholas John The 'Observer' Tristan Jones The Millions Who Stay Away Maurice B. Reckin, Margaret Knight

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The Riddle of Dallas Mordecai Brienberg

Afterthought . Claire Rayner

Drugs on the Market G. R. Boyes


SIR,—In the game of Oxbridge-baiting Miss Murdoch's gallant attempt to distinguish between different problems was forlorn from the start. But could it not at least be agreed that it is one thing to stick to. the game, and quite another to spoil the image of universities which are in their infancies or still unborn?

This university certainly intends the tutorial system to be an integral part of all its undergraduate teaching. I had thought that, the same was true of all the 'new' universities, and that their policy was backed with enthusiasm, not only by their recruits from Oxbridge, but by those who come to them from those Redbrick universities where the system has been greatly developed in recent years. What is the extent of Mr.. Rutherford's evidence that I was wrong?

G. E. F. CHILVER University of Kent at Canterbury