3 AUGUST 1991, Page 27

Handsome dog

Sir: Why does John Charmley use the word `revolting' to describe my bulldog, Bosun, who adorns the jacket of Phillippe Daudy's book Les Anglais (Books, 13 July). Mon- sieur Daudy clearly did not think Bosun was revolting when he and his photo- grapher approached my husband and asked his permission to photograph him, and we have heard that many people in France and Britain have commented on his handsome and noble features.

Bosun is champion sired and has many champion winners in his family over four generations, but more importantly he makes people smile.

I don't know if Mr Charmley ever walks in Regents Park, but if he does, let him beware! Bulldogs have long memories. M. Baker 23 The Tarns, Varndell Street, London NW1