3 AUGUST 1996, Page 22

Charitable behaviour

Sir: I was very concerned to read Dominic Prince's article about royal patronage and charities (`The truth about the loss of royal- ties', 27 July). I will set the record straight.

The views expressed by Dominic Prince are his and his alone. They are very far from those of anyone directly involved in the running of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

The Corporate Advisory Council, under the skilled chairmanship of the Duchess of York, has generated a number of very suc- cessful fund-raising ideas over the past three years. Each of these initiatives has been developed by MND Association staff and together they have raised over £300,000 to help the over 5,000 families affected by MND at any one time.

Throughout the eight years of her con- nection with the charity, the Duchess of York has contributed enormously to many aspects of the vital work of the MND Asso- ciation in providing care and support for all those affected.

George Levvy

Motor Neurone Disease Association, PO Box 246, Northampton