3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 11


" i have found it by experiment, Scolding moves ye less than merriment; For your sake, as well as mine, J the lofty style decline." DEAN SWIFT.

SINCE something, as all are agreed, must be done,

And the fair ones object to the "Lords of Cieution,!'

• May we hope the sweet prattlers will join in the fun Of thinning- the Tories by prompt dekradation! '

Dear Antis I mistake not—yogr feelings so tender . • May safely contemplate this " shocking" expression : It means—let'high Tories their titles surrender— •

We'll see that they're put to some trade, or profession.

Just fancy how well would a Pedagogue's switch Become the proud hand of the erudite Thane, With DUDLEY to help him, so classic and rich • In the dreamy delights of a wandering brain !

Could'xit COVENTRY, while the smart ladies wrote books,* Return to the cares-of the Ribbonman trade ;

And EDGECUMEE, dis.Mbunt-ed, record the bright looks And ravishing tones of each Opera maid ?

Though sad were the loss of our VANE LONDONDERRY, His fervid employment would comfort our souls, When. we saw him at Sunderland, busy and merry; Or hauling the Cholera over the coals!

NEWCASTLE himself—ah ! there let's be dumb—

Methinks I now hear him, all sulky and lone, Sitting elbow on knee, and his chin on his thumb, Growl, " Could 1 not do as I liked with my own? "

What joy to see Ellen, the fragrant and curly,

Reduced to a Lax, which would save'him from jest ; And WYNFORD, that learned Scotch Judge, although surly,

. Restored to the station in which he was .Cut !

And the Bishops, no longer compelled to drive out • In those splendid annoyances, coaches and four, Nor forced, in their aprons, to join the gay rout Where the worldly and vain Fashion's idol adore, Might, preaching and praying, and living as men

Whose thoughts were not wholly chained down to this earth, Bequeath some bright theme unto Histury's pen, Some record of piety, wisdom, and worth !

Yet; ! the plan—and we beg that all those

Who kick at the project of making the Peers, Declaring they will not he led by the nose, .lay listen to us and be led by the ears !

4 One .,f the Todirs of his family is said to be the author of the TT hole Duty of ltfan.— Vide SP.:I:TAT u A's ANAT0MT or THE PEERAGE.