3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 21


H. B. has given us a scene of " The Gift of Tongues" in the political world. Lord Grey is the Irving, and is interpreting the ravings of John Bull, to the audience of statesmen. The Duke of Wellington is alarmed; Lord Eldon (as an old lady) has fainted, and the Duke of Cumberland is endeavouring to restore her. Lord John Russell is awe-stricken ; Lord Althorp, Sir Francis Burdett, and Sir John Hobhouse, look very de- vout ; and Sir Robert Peel cries " Humbug ! " Lord Brougham, as the clerk, casts a sidelong glance from under his drooping eyelids, to watch the effect produced on the audience: his expression is admirable. This clever print has only one fault—it does not apply. It is a pity so droll a cap should not fit.