3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 21

Melodies, the Words written and the Music composed . ..by Mrs.


There seems a growing fondness for writing and composing songs, among certain fashionable ladies ; and it is a propensity we would not wish to discourage. It helps to fill up many an hour which might be

more unworthily employed ; it gives employment to certain industrious artisans and tradesmen ; and, we would hope, by leiding attention, in however slight a degree, to music as a science, tends to a more just ap- preciation of compositions of real and standard excellence. Of the appearance, the outward and visible form of this volume, it is impossible to speak too highly. It is beautifully engraved, printed, bound, and embellished. Drawings, by Wasram, and CHALON, engraved by FIYDEN and JOHNSTONE, adorn its pages, while its exterior exhibits a rich cloth- ing of purple and gold. And of the "melodies " we are disposed to speak favourably. They exhibit no research, no originality ; but they are pleasingly and appropriately arranged to the words. We suspect, although we have only internal evidence for the surmise, that in their arrangement the fair authoress has been powerfully assisted by her pub- lisher—in plain truth, that the symphonies and accompaniments are wholly the production of Mr. Novau.o. They are so rich, so appro- priate, so skilful—in a word, so superior to the airs themselves, and they bear the stamp of his masterly hand so decidedly upon them, that we can scarcely be mistaken in our conjecture. Nor let Mrs. Kean be offended at the suspicion. If we are right, she has shown a prudent mistrust of her own power to produce her " melodies" in a form worthy of being submitted to public notice and criticism : in their present dress they may be safely recommended to general notice.