3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 4

THE ArmEnatEx.—There was a report, early in the week, that

a nutn- f er of these lords of the descendent were about to retire in disgust, but it been contradicted. .At the last court-day, grievous comPlaints were made, by Alderman Waithman,-. of the misreporting. of his speeches. Mr. Deputy Routh echoed the complaints. ' It was insinuated that the Court ought to keep reporters of their own, but RO motion was made. The Court' have issued a precept for the election of an alderman for Portsoken ; and sturdy Michael Scales is in the field, as hearty and reso- lute as ever. He has offered, we hear, if the Aldermen accept him this time, that he will dress every ass among them so that his nearest rela- tion shall not know him from a calf.

CHAIRMAN OF MIDDLESEX SEssimas.—Mr. Sergeant Andrews is now confidently spoken of as the successor of Mr. Const.

CROYAL SOCIETY.-011 Thesdayothe Duke of Sussex was unanimously re-elected President for the ensuing year : the other officers were also re- elected, together with the Members of Council.

SCOTTISH HOSPITAL.—The St. Andrew's anniversary of this institution was celebrated on Wednesday, by a dinner at the Albion Tavern, Alders- gate Street. The Duke of Gordon, the President, is at present in Scot- land ; his place was supplied by the Treasurer, the Hon. Mr. Fraser. Very few of the nobility or gentry connected with Scotland were present. From information that has reached us, we draw the inference that this charity is on the decline. With proper regulations, it is capable of doing much good, and we should be sorry to see it go down. We.suspect, how- ever, it leans rather over much on the Scotch aristocracy, and that the thousands of Scotch mediocracy in London are not sufficiently acquainted with its wants and its merits to take a lasting interest in them. EAST INDIA DEPARTURES.—On Wednesday, a Court of Directors was held at the East India House ; when Captain George Kinnaird Betide was sworn in to the command of the ship Asia, consigned to Bengal and China.