3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 7

Mammas IN SCOTLAND.—JOhll M' Comb was convicted, on Monday, at

Edinburgh, of the murder of his wife, by kicking her in the abdomen. He was sentenced to be hanged on the 19th of December. This is the third similar conviction in Edinburgh within a fortnight.

lautacv.—The Henrietta sloop, of Ballvlongford, was boarded last Friday morning, near the mouth of the Adare river, on her passage home from Limerick, by six men, armed, and with theirfaces painted, who ordered all the passengers up on deck and rifled the persons of every one of them, carrying off a booty of several pounds. While engaged in this daring outrage, the ruffians presented fire-arms at the heads of their victims, threatening instant death in the event of resistance. They also went below (underneath, our Irish contemporary says), and searched the cargo, consisting of groceries, woollens, and mercery, and plundered a tale of silk handkerchiefs, muslins, laces, and shawls. On the same night, a sail-boat belonging to Knock, county Clare, was also plundered' by a party of ruffians, who boarded her in the Shannon—Limerick Chronicle.

FATAL RIOT.—Last Friday, an e.eort of twenty soldiers and twenty policemen, conducting some prisons to Castlecaaner, were surrounded by a band of men near Cloneen, and were compelled to fire on them, in order to clear the way and keep the prisoners. Five men were killed on the spot, and a number of persons were wounded in this unhappy affair. The men who were killed are said to have been notorious characters. No blame attaches to the officer, Captain Matthew, who seems to have refrained until it was impassible to refrain any longer. THIEF-TRAP.—(ht Friday, a now went into the shop of a Mr. Holmes, near the foot of the bridge in Leeds, and inquired the price of an um- brella. Mr. H. handed him one, and, while in the act of turning round to reach another, the fellow suddenly ran from the shop across the street (taking the umbrella with him), and down a flight of steps into the river, which, being much swollen, carried him down, and he was drowned.—nrk Courant.

IxFaarricznE.--A woman residing at Landivisiau (Finistorre) was lately charged with killing a child only three years and a half old, the daughter of her husband, and afterwards boiling the body in a copper, in order to destroy the proof of her barbarity !