3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 7

TIIE ST. PATRICK STEAMER—The St. Patrick steamer was lost on

Friday evening last, about six o'clock, off the Hook Tower, Waterford. Her bottom is said to be beat out. The crew and passengers were saved. She was bound from Cork to Waterford, and it was intended to put her on the line from the latter port to Liverpool.—Bristol Mercury.

ANOTHER STEAMER WRECKED.—The London Merchant, steamer, has run on shore near the Spey ; her passengers were taken out by the Ba- tavier. The London Merchant is reported to have been on fire, and it is stated that there is little probability of her being saved.

ACCIDENTAL BURNING.—The other day a Mrs. Bailey, who resides in John Street, Whitechapel, was seen running into the street, accom- panied by a girl about twelve years of age, her daughter, both enveloped in flames; several persons hastened to their assistance, and amongst them a policeman, No. 125, letter H, who wrapped the girl in his great- coat, and after some difficulty the flames were extinguished. Time girl was dreadfully burnt; she was conveyed to the London Hospital, with not the least hopes of recovery. The mother was much burnt in the arms and face. The policeman's hands, in rescuing the sufferers, were :alias severely burnt. The girl, who is deaf - and dumb, had set her- self on fire in the kitchen, and her mother, endeavouring to extinguish the flames, set her own clothes in a blaze.

SuscinE.—On Saturday afternoon, a female, apparently about twenty years of age, was seen to jump into the canal, near Limpley Stoke, from the side opposite to the footpath. Some bargemen pulled her out ‘with.the aid of a pole.; but she was :so greatly exhausted, that, after

sighing convulsively three or four times, she expired. Her dress was a brown silk gown, brown hoots, and a straw hat, trimmed with red ri- bands. A muff and a blacksilk reticule she threw down on the bank before jumping into the water. In the reticule was found 2s. Gel. in silver, and fivepence. She had long ear-drops, and four rings on her fingers, one a wedding and another had a diamond in it-Bath Jourm.l.

THE QUAKER INFANTICIDE AND SUICIDE.—Milry Mutt Merritt, tinetin- fortunate woman who destroyed her inffint, and afterwards cut her own throat, at Brixton, died on Saturday, in Guy's Hospital.