3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 8



On the 26th ult. Mrs. ARTHUR SYMMONDS, of Charlotte Street, Portland Place,

of a daughter. On the 26th ult. at Hatford Rectory, Berks, the Lady of the Rev. SAMUEL

PAYNTER, of a son, still-born.

On the 27th ult. in Welbeck Street, the Hon. Mrs. lams, of a daughter.

On the 21st ult. at Longtown Park, Kildare, the Lady of PETER DE PENTHENT- O'KELLy, Esq. of a son and heir. The Lady of the Hon. 0. C. NORTON, of a son. On the 24th ult. at Eaton Square, the Viscountess FALKLAND, of a son and


On the 28th ult. at Aston, Oxton, Lady LAMBERT, of a daughter. At Moat Hall, Soham, on the 29th ult. the Lady of the Rev. WILLIAM WILS . of a daughter.

Oa the 30th ult. at Donnington, near Newbury, the Lady of the Rev. P. COTES, of a daughter. MARRIAGES.

On the 24th ult. at Llamington, ROBERT FLEETWOOD RYND, Esq. of Ryndvine, County of Meath, to MARIA, youngest daughter of the late Thomas Longworth llamas, Esq. of Greenhill, King's County, Ireland. At St. John's, Margate, Ciao. GUNNING, Esq. of Friendsbury, Kent, to SARAH TOURNAV, widow of the late Sir T. Staines, K.C.B. On the 26th ult at St. George's, Bloomsbury, RICHARD ONSLOW, Esq. Barrister at Law, to HARRIET SOPHIA, only daughter of Captain Henry Eyre, of Bedford Place. On the 29th ult. at St. John the Evangelist's, Westminster, FRANCIS ORD MARSHALL, Esq. to ELIZA JANE, only daughter of Francis Glasse, Esq. On the 23rd ult. at the Collegiate Church, Manchester, RICHARD GouLD, Esq. to ELIZA, eldest daughter of William Sergeant, Esq. of Cornbrooke. On the 1st ult. at St. George's, Hanover Square, Count ALEXANDER WALEWSET, to Lady CAROLINE MONTAGU, daughter of the Countess of Sandwich.


On the morning of the 8th ult. at Florence, ANN ALICE, the wife of Richard Holt, Esq. an hour after having given birth to a son. On the 25th ult. at Bath, Mrs. KING, widow of the late Thomas King, Esq. late of Stamford Hill, in her 74th year. On the 26th ult. the Rev. WILLIAM RUSSELL, Fellow of Magdalen college, Oxford. On the 25th ult. at Brighton, Captain HENRY MURRAY, formerly of the Cold- stream Regiment of Guards, youngest son of the late Lord George Murray. On the 17th of June last, at the Ghants, on his way to Bombay, ALEXANDER SETON, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's Civil Service, fifth and youngestsost of Sir Alexander Seton, Bart. of Abercorn. On the 24th ult. at his Prebendal House, at Winchester, the Rev. RICHARD COCKBURN, B.D. On the 25th ult. at her residence, navies Inn, Mrs. CHRISTIAN SCOTT, in her 85th year. On the 16th of June last, at Tellicherry, ANSTRUTHER CHEATS, Esq. of the Madras Civil Service, son of John Cheape, Esq. of Rossie, Fifeshire. On the 30th ult. in Great Cumberland Street, JOHN PRINSEP, Esq. in his S5th year.

At Calcutta, Dr. TnateER, Bishop of Calcutta.

On the 28th ult. Sir CHARLES HENRY KNOWLES, Bart. Admiral of the Red, and Knight Grand Cross of the moat Honourable Order of the Bath.