3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 8


The Lord Melville, Brown, line put back to Calcutta a second time leaky. Arrived. At Gravesend, Nov. 26th, Countess Dunmore, Salmond, from Mauri- tius. In the Downs, Dec. 1st, Madeline, Dawson, from Singapore; and Elizabeth, Currie, from Bengal. At Penzance, Nov. 30th, Addingliam, Gibson, from Mauri- tius. Off Scilly, Potomac, Coudray, from Batavia. At Liverpool, Nov. 25th, Crown, Cowman, from Bergal; 28th, Othello, Thompson, from Bombay ; and Rachel, Potter, from ditto ; 30111, John Taylor, Crawford, from Bengal. Off Liver- pool, Dec. 1st, H. 711. S. Elphinstone, Ritchie, from Greenock. In the Clyde, Nov. 30th, Fortune, Crawford, from Bombay. At St. Helena, Oct. 9th, Mary, Beachcroft, from Van Diemen's Land ; Lord Hobart, M'Intosh, from the Cape; and Warren, Martin. from Mauritius ; 12th, Hydrey, Stuckerey, from Bengal. At the Cape, Sept. 13th, Kersewell, Haswell, from London ; 20th, Jolty Rambler. Pestor, from ditto. 24th, Clifton, Lightbody, from Liverpool ; and Lord William Bentinck, Hutchinson, from London. 22nd, Bland, Cullen, from Liverpool ; and Orient, White, from London. At Bombay, July 25th, Sir Francis Burton, Kew], from Liverpool. Sarah, Columbine, from London ; and Duke Roxburgh, Brown, from ditto. 27th, Eliza and Jane, ltichmond, from London ; and Aug. 17th, Minerva, Metcalf, from Liverpool. At Madras, July 21st, Lady Nugent, Wimble, from Lon- don; and 25th, his Majesty's ship Elphinstone, Thomson, from ditto. At Bengal. June 6th, Honourable Company's ship Repulse, Gribble, from London for China. 10th, Bahamian, Winder, from Liverpool. 13th• Perseverance, Bell, from Greenock. 14th, Barretto jun. Thomas, from London ; and Hindoo, Pindar, from Liverpool. 19th, Aurora, Owen, from London. stith, Planter• Steward, from ditto. July 3rd, Nandi, Ramsay, from Liverpool ; and Columbia, Ware, from ditto. 12th, Thalia, Biden, from London. At Singapore, Lady Melville, Clifford, from London ; and Eagle, Smith, from ditto. July 15th, Feejee, Smith, from Liverpool; and Victoria, Cain, from ditto. Helen Mars, Sinclair, from London ; and City of Aberdeen, Duthie, from the Clyde. At Anjeer, Aug. 13th, Honourable Company's ship Scaleby Castle, Hillman ; and Lowther Castle, Harris, from London for China.

Sailed. From Gravesend, Nov. 27th, Salus, Crickmay, for the Cape. 28th, Sove- reign, M'Kellar, for New South Wales ; and Spartan, Sanders, for Bengal. From Liverpool, 28th, Statesman, Qailler, for Bombay. 29th, Gazelle, Hoogan,forMadras. From the Clyde, Nov. 25th, Welcome, Buchaunan, for Bombay.