3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 8


On the 24th inst. G. Casson, B.A. of Brasennose College, and Exhibitioner on Mr. Hillme's Foundation, was elected a Fellow of that Society.

The names of those Candidates who, at the close of the Public Examinations In this Term, were admitted by the Public Examiners into the four Classes of Liters: Heinaniores according to the Alphabetical arrangement in each class prescribed by the statute, stand as follow:-/St the First Class-F. Baugh and C. L. Cornish, Exeter College ; H. Denison and W. Gladstone, Christ Church ; P. Payne, Balliol College. In the Second Class-E. H. Grove, Balliol College ; J. F. Maurice, Exeter. College ; N. J. Merriman, Brasennose College ; J. B. Morgan, Trinity College ; I. G. Overton, Corpus Christi College ; R. J. Phillimore, Christ Church ; J. Robertson, Pembroke College; J. G. Seymour, St. Alban Hall ; G. Webster, Exeter College ; E. D. Wickham, Baia College. In the Third Class-J. H. Allen and G. Arney, Brasennose College ; W. Borlase, Queen's College ; A. Browne and T. Chamberlain, Christ Church ; J. H. Dewhurst, Worcester College ; J. S. Dolby, Lincoln College ; A. P. Dunlap, St. John's College ; J. C. Fisher, Queen's College ; J. Floyer, Balliol College ; J. Jones, Jesus College ; E. V. Neale, Oriel College ; E. Penny, St. John's College ; E. 0. Trevelyan, Corpus Christi College; R. Williams, Christ Church. In the Fourth Class-J. Bloxam and W. Buckler, Magdalen College ; R. It. Dean, Christ Church ; H. Drummond, Balliol Col- lege; Hon. F. F. Harris, Christ Church ; Hon. S. Herbert, Oriel College ; J. F. Lees, Brasennose College ; .1. Mott, Christ Church ; J. It. Nicoll, Exeter College ; D. Parsons, Oriel College ; J. P. Denson, Worcester College ; It. V. Pryor, Balliol College; G. H. Scott, Exeter College ; H. L. Stephens, Oriel College ; T. Thistle- thwayte, Christ Church ; R. P. Warren, Exeter College ; E. J. Wilcocks, Lincoln Cones*. The number of the Fifth Class, namely, of those who were deemed worthy of their Degrees, but not deserving of any honourable distinction, 84. DEC. 1.-In a Convocation holden this day, the nomination of the Rev. B. P. Symonds, D.D. Warden of Wadham, and of 'the Rev. S. Reay, M.A. Sub-Librarian of the Bodleian, to he Examiners and Electors, together with the Regius Professor of Hebrew, of a scholar on the Foundation of the late Mrs. Kennicott, was unanimously approved.

The following degrees were conferred. Masters of Arts-C. Sargeaunt, Brasen- nose, Grand Compounder ; Rev. T. Eades, Worcester. Bachelors of Arts-Lord Os- sulston. Christ Church ; Rev. J. L. Gallon, Edmund Hall; F. Baugh, Exeter; J. Llewellin, Jesus.

On Tuesday last, the elections at Balliol terminated, when P. S. H. Payne, B.A. Scholar of that Society (and Dean Ireland's Scholar for 1830), was elected Fellow, and Mr. S. H. Walker was admitted Fellow on the Blundell foundation. At the same time, Mr. Churton and Mr. Tickell were admitted to two open scholarships,


DEC. 2.-At a Congregation held yesterday, gir R. H. Inglis, Bart. D.C.L. of Christ Church, and M.P. for the University of Oxford, Was admitted ad eundeni of this University. At the same Congregation the following degrees were conferred. Masters of Arts -A. Pearson, J. Pearson, and J. Wilson, Trinity College; G. Ware, St. Peter's Col- lege; C. Macquarie and G. Jarvis, Pembroke College ; T. Nicholls, Trinity Hall ; 0. De Beauvoir Priaulx, Catherine Hull. Bachelors in Civil Laic-T. M. Ready, Ca- therine Hall ; Rev. T. Fardell, Queen's College. Bachelor of Arts-G. Hutton, Trinity College.

On Friday last, J. Mills sen. B.A. of Pembroke College, was elected a Fellow of that society.