3 DECEMBER 1831, Page 9



SAY LES and Co. Eckington, Derbyshire, coal-owners ; • as far as regards SAY LES- WHITE jun. and COATS, Paisley and London, manufacturers-CLEVER and Ben N- EDEN, East Malting, Kent, paper-manufacturers-FISHERS and LEVERS, Radford, Nottinghamshire, lace-manufacturers-SMITH and Co. Southgate, Middlesex, gro- leers-SmiTH and HAND, Gower Street North, Euston Square, chymists-HAW- THORN and Co. Over Darwen, Lancashire, calico-pr'.nters-DvEE and HOLCROFT, Warrington, Lancashire, pork-dealers-G 00DA LL and Co. Manchester and Liver- pool, carpet-dealers-CARL: and LEIsTER, Quadrant, Regent Street, flute-manu- facturers-T. and 'f. STIRLING, Commercial Road. Lambeth, slaters-WRIGHT and HARDING, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, goldsmiths-NORTHWOOD and Co. New- man Street, Oxford Street, working-jewellers-KNIGHT and Co. Manchester; as far as regards S. KNIGHT-GENvILLN and EVERSHED, Brigletheluestone. Sussex, butchers-NrcHocAs and MEREWEATHE It, Hadley, Middlesex, ironmongers- DIAwav and Ewell1.T, Bourn, Lincolnshire, mercers -Sr:emulates and Co. Maid- stone and Southwark, hoymeu-Saiira and HOLME, Conduit Street, Hanover Square, dress-makers.


SAuNDERS, SUSAN, Great Coram Street, Russell Square, boarding and lodging- house-keeper, Nov. 29.


MENDELSON, HENRY, Manchester, jeweller.

SHEPPARD, JAMES, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, baker.


ASHLEY, WILLIAM. and WILL/AM EDWARD, Gainsborougb, Lincolnshire, mer- chants, to surrender Dec. 20, 21, Jan. 1U: solicitors, Mr. Bell, Bedford Row ; Mr. Sparr, Gainsborough ; and Mr. Cartwright, Bawtry. BELL, BicHARD, Cloth Fair, grocer, Dec. 6, 13, Jan. 10 : solicitor, Mr. Pocock, Bartlrolemew Close.

BOURNE, STEPHEN, New Bridge Street, printer, Dec. 9, 16, Jan. 10 : solicitors, Messrs. Pasmore and Taylor. Basinghall Street. BURT, WILLIAM, Great Castle Street, Cavendish Square, lodging-house-keeper, Dec. G, 13, Jan.10 : solicitor, Mr. Redaway, Clement's Inn. CHINN, THOMAS, Merthyr-Tidvil, Glamorganshire, linen-draper, Dec. 19, 20, Jan. 10 : solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New !nn ; and Mr. Lewis, Bridgetid.

COTTON, THONAs, London Road, Southwark, and Paradise Row, Chelsea, boot and shoe-maker, Dec. 2, 9, Jan. 10 : solicitor, Mr. BI'Leod, London Street, Fen- church Street.

DICES Ns ON, Jona, Ernest Street, Hampstead Road, victualler, Dec. 6, 9, Jan. 10 : solicitors, Messrs. Goode, Howland Street, Fitzroy Square. DYMOND, WILLIA31, Launceston, Cornwall, bookseller, Dec. 13, 14, Jan. 10: solicitors, Mr. Cootie, Guilford Street; and Dlr. Gurney, Launceston. -FARRAH' Jos EPH, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, coal-merchant, Dec. 6,13, Jan. 10: - solicitors. Messrs. Tripp and Pluckett, Rayntoud Buildings, Gray's Inn ; and Messrs. Jordan and \Vartnaby. Ware, Herts. Enna, ROBERT, Rotherhithe, commission-agent, Dec. 6, 13, Jan. 10 : solicitor, Mr. Kemp, Lincoln's Inn Fields. GUEST, HENRY, Manchester, woollen-draper, Dec. 13, 15, Jan. 10 : solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and Weatherall, Temple ; and Mr. Seddon, Manchester. HART, HENRY, and DAvIES, JOHN, King Street, Hammersmith, and Monmouth Street, St. Giles's, clothes-salesmen, Dec. 14, 22, Jan. 10: solicitor, Dir. Bruban, 'New Inn.

HOMEWOOD, THOMAS, Pollard's Row, Bethnal Green, brewer, Dec. 6, 13, Jan. 10: solicitor, Dlr. Cranch, Billiter Square, Fenchurch Street. aCENSETT, FRANCis, Kingston-upon-Thames. farmer, Dec. 9, 16, Jan. 10 : soli- citors, Messrs. Shearman and Freeman, Bartlett's Buildings. KxOIPLSON, WILLIAM, and Co. Ashtoa-under-Li ne, and Sheffield, drapers, Dec. 14, 15, Jan. 10 : solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and Weatherall, Temple ; and Mr. Hitchcock, Manchester. NUTTALI„ s.euuEL, Heywood, Lancashire, grocer. Dec.12, 13, Jan. 10: solicitors, Messrs. Blackstock and Entice, London ; and Mr. Payne, Liverpool. PEIRCE, WILLIAM, Bartholomew CloSe, wine-merchant, Dec. 2, 9, Jan. 10: solicitors, Messrs. Hine and Robinson, Charterhouse Square. Rica, BENJAMIN, Meath, Glamorganshire, linen-draper, Dec. 19, 20, Jan. 10: solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn; and Mr. Lewis, Bridgend. ROBINSON, JosEpu, Nottingham, victualler, Dec. 10, 13, Jan. 10: solicitors, Messrs. Taylor, Featherstone Buildings, Holborn ; and Messrs. Payne and Daft, Nottingham. SIDDERS, THOMAS, Birchington, Kent, dealer in pigs, Dec. 10, 12, Jan. 10 : soli- citors, Messrs. Willett and Larken, Essex Street, .Strand; and Messrs. Dering and Brooke, Margate. SEtNNER, RoBERT, Thorverton, Devonshire, farmer, Dec. 3, 15, Jan. 10: solici- tors, Messrs. Keddell and Pitts, Warnford Court, Throgmorton Street; and Mr. Stogd on, Exeter.

Sanas oae, JosErn, Ashby-de-la•Zouch, Leicestershire, victualler, Dec. 5, 6, Jan. 10 : solicitors, Messrs. Austin and Hobson, Raymond. Buildings, dray's Inn ; and Mr. Green, Aalth y-de-la-Zouch.

SNELSON, Teloams, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire, wheelwright, Dec. 5, 6, Jan. 10 : solicitors, Messrs. Austen and Hobson, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn; and Mr. Green, Ashby-de-la-20Mb. STEVENS, JAMES, Bread Street, Cheapside, and Shepperton Street, Islington, warehouseman, Dec. 6, 9, Jan. 10 : solicitor, Mr. Ogden, St. Dlildred's Court, Poultry. CHARLES, Leader Street, Chelsea, baker, Dec. 2, 13, Jan. 10: solicitor, Mr. Ford, Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. • TEMPANY, GEORGE Bierman, Holies Street, Cavendish Square, tailor, Dec. 9, 16, Jan. 10 : solicitor, Mr. Bruce, Francis Street, Golden Square.

TH once, Join, Usselby, Lincolnshire, dealer in wool, Dec. 15,16, Jan. 10 : soli- citors, Messrs. Hawkins and Co. New Boswell Court, Lincoln's Inn; and Messrs. Codd and Heaton, Gainsborougb.

'firemen, GEORGE, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire, scrivener, Dec. 15, 16, Jan. 10: solicitors, Messrs. Hawkins and Co. New Boswell Court, Lincoln's Inn ; and Messrs. Codd and Heaton, Gainsborough. WIGHT, ROBERT, Painswick, Gioncestersbire, clothier, Dec. 19,20, Jan. 10: solicitors, Messrs. White and Whitmore, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn ; and Messrs. Bloxanme and Co. Dursley. \Views, Gann GE, Haymarket, oilman, Dec. G, 13, Jan. 10: solicitor, Mr. Taylor, Great James Street, Bedford Row. Wise, JAM HS, King's Road, Chelsea, cow-keeper, Dec. 6, 13, Jan. 10: solicitor, Mr. Willis, Sloane Square, Chelsea.


Dec. 20, J. and J. Weston, Old Bond Street, tailors-Dec. 20, Sherwood and Co. Paternoster Row, booksellers-Dec. 20, .1. and It. A. Browning, Belvedere Wharf, Waterloo Bridge, timber-merchants-Dec. 20, Macdonald and Campbell, Regent Street, Westminster army agents-Dec. 20, Fry and Co. St. Mildred's Court, Poul- try, bankers-Dee. 20, Inman, Tower Street, wine-broker-Dec. ala Chandler, Bow Lane, Cheapside, carpenter-Dec. 20, Shepherd, Castle Street, Holborn, linen-dra- per-Dec. 20, Wilkinson jun. Liverpool, merchant-Dec. 20. Wace, Newgate Street, grocer-Dec. 20, B. J. and R. A. Spedding, Ordnance Wharf, Narrow Wall, Lam- beth. coal-merchants-Dec.20, Brides and Mackenzie, Cornhill, druggists-Dec. 20, Crow, Bedford Court, Covent Garden, tailor-Dec. 2.11, Field, Brighton, carpenter- Dec. 20, Levy, Great Prescot Street, Goodman's Fields, merchant-Dec. 20, Irvine sun. New Shoreham, Sussex, timber-merchant-Dec. 20, Hessey, Fleet Street, book- seller-Dec. 22, Brooke and Hayward, Shepperton Street, New North Road, Isling- ton, iron-founders-Dec. 22, Nicholls, St. Alban's, Hertfordshire, cabinet-maker- Dec. 22, Bond and Pattisall, Change Alley, Cornhill, bankers-Dec. 22, Tatchell, Snow Hill, tavern-keeper-Dec. 20, Skelton, Chandos Street, Covent Garden, ware- houseman-Dec. 20, Richards, Marylebone Street, Piccadilly, mercer-Dec. 20, Joy, St. Paul's Churchyard, bookseller-Dec. 20, W. and J. Hempsted, Bury, and Sud- bury, Suffolk, linen-drapers-Dec. 20, Richardson and Want, Barbican, builders- Dec. 20, Smith and Perrin, St. Martin's Lane, woollen-drapers-Dec. 20, Under- wood, Fleet Street, bookseller-Dec. 20, Reed and Middlemas, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, merchants-Dec. 20, Key, Great Prescot Street, Goodman's Fields, oilman- Dec. 20, S. and J. Garratt, Prospect Cottage, Kentish Town, meat-salesmen-Dec. 20, Curtis and Hall, Angel Court, Throgmorton Street, merchants-Dec. 20, Nint. zno, Upper Gower Street, bookseller-Dec. 20, Hoppe, King Street, Cheapside, Merchant-Dec. 13,Luke, Mark Lane, wine-merchant-Dee. 20, Crickets, Chelms.

ford, Essaarinet--eDec. 20, Walker, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, victualler-

Dec. 20, Chisman, Cagle Court, Birchin Lane, ship-broker-Dec. 24, Constantine, Bolton.le-Moors, Lancashire, draper-Dec. 30. W. and J. Scott jun. Wakefield, Yorkshire, merchants-lace. 24, Haggett, Hatherteigh, Devonshire, linen-draper- Dec. 21, Moss, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire, drapere-Dee. 20, Williams. Alan. chester, merchant-Dec. 21, Thompson, Catteri ek Bridge, Yorkshire, blacksmith- Dee. 21, Fall, Leyburn, Yorkshire, bookseller-Dee. 21, Basile, Whitehaven, mer- chant.


To be granted, sinless cause he shown to the contrary, on or before Dec. 20. Clarke, Regent Street, linen-draper-Hall and Co. Crosby Square, and Lower Thames Street, packers-Tidmarsh, Bow street, Covent Garden, coffee-house- keeper-Vanhouse, Mincing Lane, West India broker-Roberts, Manchester and Dintinge Derbyshire, calico-printer-T. and B. Hogg, Leeds, Yorkshire, woollen- clothananufact urers-Emery, Bristol, corn-factor-Featherstone, Kingston-upon- Hull, and Sulcoates, Yorkshire, merchant.

SCOTCH SP:QUI:STRATI ONS• ANDERSON, Rem ERT, Crosford, retail grocer, Dec. 2, 20. ARNoTT, GEoRGE., Edinburgh, oilman, Dec. 16, Jan. 4. HAXTOX, Ric:HARD, Putter row, Edinburgh, jeweller, Dec. 6, 20. DPLACHLAN, NIEL, Ballaphetrish, Tyree, trader, Dec. 14, Jan. 4.

Friday, December 2.


A. B. and T. BUXTON, Liverpool, china-dealers-Ant:NDELL and TYLER, Gray's Inn Lane, commou-brewers-Cooes a and ALLERToN, Church Gresley, Derbyshire, earthen ware -mann facturers-TRAUNTEIt and DECRY, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, brick-makers-Flom:Lay and DUNNE V. Ball's Pond and Covent Garden, nursery- men-ElesALL and Co. Union Court, Old Broad Street-JEss Pe and SCAR:VAS]. FUrniVal's Inn, Holborn, attornies-WATS 0 5: and thrones, New Inn Yard, Shore- ditch, smitles-SnARMAN and RH: HA rt !es, Birmingham, conntactors-Menrunvett and 'RAWLINGS, Charlotte Street, Portland Place, tailors-Cr.:ten:am. Brothers, Leeds, cloth-merchants-DIAw110013 and PEKerne, Liverpool and Manchester, venders of perfmnery and patent-medicines-VI POND and B tire E II, Old Fish Street, wholesale-cheesemongers-Ssimat and Co. Liverpool, commission-merchants- Hones me and Son, Busingliall Street, and Willurd Wharf, Strand, coal-merchants -STIRLING and Co. Laurieston of Glasgow, ironmongers.


READ, Tnomas, Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, victualler, Dec. 1.


FLEMING, JOHN, Pendleton, Lancashire, plumber.


BLOW, ROBERT, Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire, merchant, to surrender Dec. 8, 9. Jan. 13 : solicitors, Messrs. IValmsley and Co. Chancery Lane ; and DIr. Dryden, Hull.

BRITTAIX, WILLIAM, Birmingham, builder, Dec. 13, 14, Jan. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Tooke and Carr, Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Unett and Co. Birmingham. BRYANT, WILLIAM, Bishop's Hull, Somersetshire, baker, Dec. 13, 14, Jan. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Clowes and Co. Temple; and Mr. Stone, Taunton. BULLET, ClIARLES CAMPBELL, and LAVERS, WILLIAM, Nicholas Lane, wine- merchants, Dec. 9, 13, Jan. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Owen and Dixon, Mincing Lane. DA NIEL,1 THOMAS, Chester Street, Grosvenor Place, stone-merchant, Dec. 9, Ina Jan. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Batsford, Hoislydown Lane, Southwark. DANes, THOMAS, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, grocer, Dec. 22 23. Jan. 13: solicitors, Messrs. White and Whitmore, Lincoln's Inn ; and Mr. Smith, Walsall. DEXTER, ROBERT EDWARD, Northam pton, ironmonger, Dec. 15, 16, Jan. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Mr. Colmore, New Street. Birmingham.

Hems, Jolts:, Mark Lane, victualler, Dec. 9, 20, Jan. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Glynes, An erica Square.

FAYRER, RoBERT JOHN, London, mariner, Dec. 13, 20, Jan. 13: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford ltow. FIFE, JAMES, Thetford, Norfolk, nurseryman, Dec. 13, 20, Jan. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Cope, Agnes Place, Waterloo Road. GEARY, THOMAS. and HORNE DENNIS, Manchester, woollen-drapers. Dec. 16, 17, Jan. 13 : solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and aVeatherall, Temple; and Messrs. Had- field and Grave, Manchester.

GooDwrar, JouN, Stafford, shoe-manufacturer, Dec. 29, 30, Jan. 13 : solicitors, Messrs. Stevens and Co. St. Thomas Apostle ; and Dlr. Flint, Stafford.

HALL, RICHARD, Congleton, Cheshire, silk-throwster, Dec. 26. 27, Jan. 13: solici- tors, Messrs. Walker and Rickards, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Mr. Pickford, Chapel House, Congleton. HUNTINGTON, LEONARD, South Melton Street, tailor, Dec. 9, 13, Jan. 13 : solidi- tors Messrs. Cook and Hunter, New Inn.

Ditra.Ann, STIEPIIEN, Gloucester, victualler, Dec. 19, 20, Jan. 13 : solicitors, Messrs. White and Whitmore; Lincoln's Inn ; and Mr. Barrup, Gloucester. Pococx, RICHARD, Bath, tobacconist, Dec. 12, 13, Jan. 13 : solicitors, Dlr. Harvey, • Barnard's Inn ; and Mr. Hellings, Bath.

RAmsAV, JAMES, Devonport Street, Commercial Road, master-mariner, Dec. 9, '10, Jan. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Itooke Coleman Street. • Si it E RV, SA 51 UEL Sa1Irit, York Terrace, Regent's Park, hotel-keeper, Dec.13, 16, Jan. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Low, pper Gloucester Place, Regent's Park. S:areff, THOMAS, Birininzhaiu, grocer, Dec.6, 13, Jan. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Davison, Bread Street, Cheapside. SOLOMON, BARNETT and Is nAEL LEVI', Bristol, cabinet-makers, Dec. 13, 20, Jan. 13: solicitor, Mr. Isaacs, Mansell Street, Goodman's Fields. STAReY, TH 051A s and SA3IIJEL, Croydon, bleachers, Dec. 9, 16, Jan. 13 : solicitors, Messrs. Stokes and Hollingsworth, Cateaton Street. S y31, WILLIAM, Upper Marylebone Street, Portland Place, upholsterer, Dec. 6,

16, Jan. 13 : solicitor, Mr. Dignam, King Street, Holborn. .

TIPToN, Tie om As, Hereford, victualler, Dec. 9' 10, Jan. 13 : solicitors, Dlr. Church, Great James Street, Bedford Raw ; and Mr. Ball, Hereford.


Dec. 23, Nockclls, Mincing Lane. wine-merchant-Dee. 23, Woodward, Chelms- ford, Essex, linen.draper-Dec. 23, Locke, Islington, linen-draper-Dec. 23, Oke, Falmouth, tailor and draper-Dec. !3, Emden, Bucklersbury, Merchant-Dec. 23, Moreland and Co. Shad-Thames, Horslyclown, stone. enerchants-Dec. 13, South- gate, Gate Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, builder-Dee. 23, Baker, Conduit Street. Bond Street, tailor-Dee. 23, Blundell and Cu. Banns:de, iron-merchants-Dec. 23. Fisher, Ramsgate, cleymist-Dee. 16, Bassett, Dean Street, Soho, builder-Dec. 23, Tarbtett, St. Mildred's Court, merchant-Dee. 93, Baker, Crutchedfriars, wine- merchant-Dee. 23, Wilson, Wellington Street, Strand, upholsterer-Dec. 20, Fraser, Limehouse, patent ship-hearth-manufacturer-Dec. 23, Best, Noble Street, ironmonger-Dec. 23, Whately,i Lawrence Pountney Hill, Cannon Street, merchant -Dec. 23, Harrison, Prince's Place, Commercial Road, woollen-draper-Dec. 23 Garratt, High Street, Marylebone, victualler-Dec. 13, Meyer, 'Melee King Court, Clement's Lane, merchant-Dec. 23, Buffington, Stock Exchange, stock-broker- Dec. 23, Sanford sen. Stoke Newington, coal-merchant-Dec. 13, Barnett, Devon- shire Place, Old Kent Road, navy-anent-Dec. 19, Bedford.Goswell Street.carpenter. Dec. 13, Gerhardt Savage Gardens, merchant-Dec. 23, Brown and Wallington, Al- dersgate Street, coach-proprietors-Dec. 23, Carter, Peppin's Court, Fleet Street, vic- tualler-Dee. 23, Webb, Osborne Street, Whitecbapel, tire-smith-Dee. 23, Gordon, Westmoreland Place, City Road, and Southend Mills, Lewisham. Kent, Naples lustre and black lead-manufacturer-Dec. 23, Cottingliam, Bexley, Kent, surgeon- Dec. 23, Pettit, Hastings, jeweller-Dec. 23, Lnsitington jun. Stark Lane, mer. chant-Dec. 23. Cowling, Poultry. haberdasher-Dee. 23, Parsons, Fulham Road, upholsterer-Dec.23, Clark, Broad Street, llatcli ff, miller-Dec. 23, Metcalfe, Thirsk, Yorkshire, linen-draper-Dec. 23, Hadwen, Gibraltar and Liverpool, merchant- Dec. 27, M. and S. Woodward, Honduras Wharf, Ban kside, timber-merchants- Dec. 24, Cater, Rattlesden, Suffolk, grocer-Dec. 28, Farror, Birmingham, wine- merchant-Dec. 23, T. and C. Vining, Bristol, corn-factors-Jan. 16, Wormald, Wortley, Yorkshire, manufacturer-Dec. 26, Paddon, Plymouth, printer-Dec. 23. Lowthian, Exeter, draper.


To be granted, sinless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before December 23. Fletcher and Young, Millbrouk, Hampshire, iron-founders-Rawling, Kelton Mill, Cumberland, miller-Palmer, Birmingham, scrivener-W. and C. Adron, New Road, St. Pancras, marble.masons-Wagstaff, Minting, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner -Hutchison, Queen Street. Golden Square, engraver-Willats, Lambeth, potter- Tanner, Little Russell Street, Covent Garden, cordwainer-Cattle, Whixley. York- shire, cattle-dealer-Pearson, York Street, Westminster, furniture-broker-Bon. Hey, Cooper's Row, Tower Hill, wine.merchant-Perks, Dloncktou-Combe, Somer. setshire, brewer.