3 DECEMBER 1859, Page 7


A " true-hearted priest of Tipperary" declares there are 100,000 men as brave as the Tipperary Militia Artillery, who "are ready and willing to go and meet on the plains of the Romagna those who shall bear Lord Ellenborough's one million muskets, and lay down their lives to defend the Pope against cut-throats." The Downshire Protestant goes to the other extreme and says, "Just two good and safe investments for money there are in these days—a Bible and an Enfield rifle:—in God's name get these two things !" The Belfast Newsletter prints a threatening no- tice received from " Molly Maguire," in which sedition and bloody- mindedness, bad spelling and worse grammar, run riot. One part of it consists of a string of doggrel verses, whereof here is a specimen. The writer contemplates the arrival of the great Napoleon on his march " right across from Cherbourg," and says-

" Then down will go great Englands Queen

No more again shel Er Be seen With our Eagles spread on Erens Green Wel shout for thee Napolien " My sons shall then united stand and Crush the Reptile orange Saxon Band Wel drive them from our Native Land and Shout for great Napoli= " then Sandy Row shall get her du for she has Murdred Not a few Wel Massacree this orange Crew or die for Great Napolien"

Another meeting of Papal sympathizers has bean held, this time at Kingston. The day selected was Sunday after mass. The chief speakers were Mr. Waldron, one of the Members for Tipperary, a new recruit, and Mr. Patrick O'Brien. They were very much shocked at Lord Ellenborough, a late Minister of the Crown, who has subscribed to a fund to purchase arms for the rebels against the Pope, and Mr. Waldron only found a parallel to this enormity in an hypothesis—an ex-governor of Rome sending money for the purchase of arms to John Mitchell, or an ex-Minister of France supplying Nana Sahib with funds. The College of Maynooth has sent a dutiful address to the Pope.

One day the Dublin Freeman's Journal assured the public that Pope Pius had written and transmitted to Ireland an autograph letter bewail- ing his sad case. From the comment of the paper we learnt that " Pope Pius has reason to withdraw his reliance on Imperial good faith, " and that he "has not done so without pain and grief." The next day the Freeman's Journal confessed with regret that it had been misinformed. The letter was not written by the Pope but by a "party" in Rome!

It has become necessary to elect a coadjutor to Dr. Denvir, Roman Catholic Bishop of Down and Connor, because, it is said, he is in de- clining health, but also, it may be, because he is too liberal for the Cullen epoch. Three names have been submitted in the following order—Dr. Russell, Mr. Dorian, Mr. Fitzsimons. Dr. Russell is an accomplished scholar, President of Maynooth, and a Cullenite.