3 DECEMBER 1887, Page 1


FRESIDENT GREVY resigned on Friday, after a delay which has excited all Paris, and which will furnish one -clay a curious chapter in the history of France. He agreed last Friday to resign on Monday, but finally promised to send in his resignation on Thursday. M. Bouvier announced the fact in the Journal °Pia, and resumed office in order that there might be a Ministry during the interregnum. Before Thursday, how- ever, M. Rochefort and a few other Extremists had convinced the President that the country was with him. M. Ronvier announced the new decision to the amazed Chamber in a short speech, ending with the statement that lie had resigned again, and the Deputies voted an adjournment till 4 p.m. On their reassembling, they voted, by 531 to 3, another adjournment for two hours, adding the significant hint that they awaited the promised communication. The Senate also concurred, and on the unmistakable will of the Chambers being again announced to the President, he promised, for the second time, to resign on Friday. This time he kept his promise. The Congress, therefore, will be called for Saturday, and in view of the restlessness of Paris, and the expediency, therefore, of avoiding Sunday, may proceed to an election with- out loss of time.