3 DECEMBER 1887, Page 24

Acting on the Square, by Harriett Bonitwood (John F. Shaw),

is a very successful attempt to express, in the form of a diary, the moral experiences of a schoolboy of twelve. This boy, Harold Seymour, has a good genius in the person of another boy named Howard, who in the first ,instance saves his life from death by drowning, and then, by means of good advice, manages to make him in all things "act on the square." Thus Seymour is enabled to control his temper, win prizes, and play an essentially manly part when he is under a cloud of suspicion at school, and when misfortune comes upon his father. Miss (P) Bonitwood has very skilfully reproduced boy-thinking on matters of duty, small and even large, and has written a little book which is readable as a narrative all the same.