3 DECEMBER 1887, Page 25


Addams (F. H.), Hundred and Fifty Problems in Arithmetic, erg. (Addams) 3,6 Aloott (L. Id.), A Carlon] for Girls, co Ors (Mackie) 2/0 Aristotle's Ethics, Books i. to iv., and x., chapters Ste 10, were (Shrimpton) 2/6 1111 (0. F. AL), From Pharaoh to Felloh, ato (W. W. Gardner) 16/0 Bell (it), Oar Children, 12mo (Bryce) 3/6 Bbagovisd Gita, with Notes, fro., by J. AL Chatterji, Eke (Trabneri 10/6

Bowen (C.), Virgil in English Verse, Eclogues, &c., Ore (Iderray 12/0 Brooks Ol. B.), Historic Girls, eve Putnam. 7/6

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Daryl (P.), Ireland's Disease, or 8vo (ltsxtlodgr) 3/5

David and B•thsbeba i a Royal flomance, erase Routledge) 2/6 Dekker IT.), Plays of, edited by T. Bhp., or 8. Visotelly) 2/6 Deuyer (A.), Linear Perspective, Do Heekliffel 2/0 Faith and Conduct i an Emmy, or 8. (Macmillan) 7/6 Feydean (E.), Fanny, cress tVisotolly) 2/6 Footman (Ill, Ethics and Theology, or 8vo F. Norgate) 8/6

Frey (A. R.), Sobriquets and Nicknames, flro (Whittaker) 7/6 Gosiet (J. A.), Guide to Stamp-Duty, or 8vo atg= 2g1/0

Graham (A.), Travels in Tunisia, roy 8. Hartley (W. N.), Course of Quantitative Analysis, 125n0 (Macmillan 1/0 Hawthorne (J.), An American Penman, 12mo (Cassell & Co. 5/6

Howells (W. ).), Modern Italian Poets, or 8vo (Douglas 7/8

Jaffe (F.), Amnon, Prince and Peasant, or 8vo (Wertheimer 2/5 Nor (J.), Thoughts for Heart and Life, 12m0 (Douglas) 4/13 Kirkup (T.), Inquiry into Socialism, or 8. (Legman") 5/0

Knox (W.), Boy-Travellers on the Congo, cc eve (s. Low) ZS

Lockwood's Dictionary of Terme used in Ifeclunical Engineering (Lockwood) 7/4 Mackennal (A.), Sermons from a Slot-Room. 16mo (Brook) 1/6

Maguire (T. M.), Modern Military History, 8vo (Maguire) 610 liabalty (J. P.), Principles of Art of Conversation, no 8vo (Macmillan) 8/6

McCook IL O.), Tenants of an Old Farm, or 8vo (Hodder & Stonghton) 6/0 MoVail (I. 0.), Vaccination Vindicated, eve (Ossroll & 0o.) 2/0

&Byrne (M. L.), Court of Rath Croghom cr 8. I • 11.1MB) 0(0

Bentsen (I.), Elements of Chemistry, 12mo (Macmillan) 2/6 Ringwood (R.), Outline of Law of Torte, 8. (Stevens & Haynes) 10,6

Roberts (R. H.) flUver Trout, or 8vo (W. H. Allen) 3/6

Russell (W. C.), The Frozen Pirate, 2 vols. or Ova S. Low) 12j0

Schumann (ILL Early Letters of, edited by his Wife, or 8v (Bell) ,c,

Schurman (J. G.) ,Ethical Import of Darwinism. ear 8vo (Williams & Eorsosto) 5/0

Star (K. T.). Avice Tennant's Pilgrimage, or See (Wes. (loaf. Office) 2/0

Smith (WA, Dictionary of Christian Biography, VoLIV., ray Soo Murray) 42/0 Student'. Commentary, New Testament, Vol. II., or 8vo Murray) 7/6 Tien (A.), Woo-Hellenic Manual, 12mo (W. H. Allen) 5/0

Wood (J. C.) Romance of Animal Life, 00 8,0 asbisteri 3(6

Wotton OIL E.), Word-Portraits. cr Sao (Bentley) 7/6 Tonga (J. E.), Exposition of the Apostles' Creed,12mo (Hodder& Stoughton) 2/6