3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 10

Old Hendrik's Tales. By Captain A. 0. Vaughan. (Longmans and

Co. 6s.)—If the reader can imagine " Brer Rabbit" and " Brer Fox" transported from the North American Continent to South Africa, he will have a good idea of this book. "Old Hendrik" is a Hottentot working on a farm in the valley of the Vaal River, and he tells these stories—" How the Baboon has that Kink in his Tail," and the like—to the farmer's children, wishing that the little folk " knowed de Taal." "It don't soun' de same in you Englis' somehow," he says. So the stories, as they stand, suffer, it maybe; yet they will be found entertaining, and, perhaps, if their young readers are inclined that way, a beginning of the science of Comparative Folk-lore.