3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 10

Prom School to Castle. By Charlotte Murray. (S. W. Partridge

and Co. 2s. 6d.)—The strongest appetite for surprises and changes of fortune should be satisfied with the adventures which lead 1delvil from the " school " to the "castle." The story is well meant ; but it deals sometimes with great subjects in a method that can hardly be approved. The hymn—quoted, we see, from one of the author's books—would not be as effective with all listeners as it seems to have been with Mr. Alfred H. Miles's volumes of " Fif ty-two Stories" have what may be described as a regular period of a year. They return, too, not singly, but, so to speak, in a small swarm. This year there are three, making up a total from the beginning of forty-four. We may express a hope that he may go on till he has rivalled, to pursue the astronomical simile, the number of the asteroids. The three volumes now before us are Fifty-two Stories of Wild Life East and West, Fifty-two Stories of Grit and Character for Girls, and Fifty-two Stories of Grit and Character for Boys (5s. each vol.) The stories are mostly new, but there are some old favourites amongst them. Altogether, they make a very readable collection.