3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 13

From the Monarchy to the Republic in Prance (1788 - 1792). By

Sophia H. MacLehose. (J. MacLehose and Sons. 6s. net.)—Miss MacLehose modestly describes her story of the revival of the States-General, and its transition to the National Assembly, as a restoret of events at Paris and Versailles only, and but an intro- duction to larger histories of the times. But we fancy that many students will consider themselves sufficiently acquainted with that most interesting political period after reading her able and admirably lucid account of the several steps by which the States- General merged into the National Assembly. It is all remarkably full—Miss MacLehose gives us plenty of detail—so that the first efforts of the Third Estate, its patience, its resolution, its growing power as it discovered its strength, and its slowly increasing anger, are developed with something akin to dramatic force. It is a wonderful story, and even Miss MacLehose's lack of enthu- siasm—though she may exercise restraint of set purpose—cannot =event us from catching glimpses of the fury of the freed masses.