3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 19

We regret to record that at Oxford on Tuesday Congrega-

tion refused to agree to the proposed statute exempting candidates for honours in mathematics and natural science from compulsory Greek in Responsions. The President of Magdalen, who certainly cannot be accused of being an enemy of Greek or the higher culture, urged the need for the statute with great force and eloquence, but in vain, and the scheme was rejected by 200 non-placets to 164 placets. On Thursday the debate on a wider scheme for the abolition of com- pulsory Greek was begun at Cambridge, but the result will not be announced before we go to press. We fear, however, that the decision is likely to be the same as that given at Oxford. At the Cambridge debate Sir Richard Jebb made a most brilliant and witty, though to us unconvincing, speech.

Bank Rate, 3 per cent.

Consols (2f per cant.) were on Friday 88.