3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 34


Sin,—On August 27th you were good enough to publish a letter from me challenging a statement which had appeared in your columns as to perch never attaining any size beyond 3 lb. In confirmation of what I wrote, I beg to quote from a letter addressed to me by the head-manager of a large iron foundry in Sweden, for whose reliability I can vouch.—I am, Sir, &c., AUDLEY GOSLING. "Taxinge-Ndsby, Sweden.

"In a small lake called Tinnsjon, near to Jernboas church, in the province of Jernboas, about 12 miles from the town of Nora, in the district of Orebro, were captured one day at the beginning of 1870 eight perch, weighing altogether 60 Swedish pounds,* or 26.5 kilos. Many of the fish scaled over 8 lb., and none of them were under 7 lb. They were taken in a net. I have frequently tried to angle for these perch, but never caught any of over 6 lb. In another lake called FasjOn, in the same neighbourhood, I have often caught perch with rod and line of from 711b. to 8 lb. (Signed) C. A. 'PRANG.

Akers Styckebruk, Sweden, November 21st, 1904."