3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 40

Uganda's Katikiro in England. By hit Secretary, Ham Muka.sa. Translated

and Edited by the Rev. Ernest Millar. (Hutchinson and Co. 108. 641. net.)—Apolo Kagwa, Katikirb—i.e., Prime Minister—of Uganda, a full-blood negro, was first a page and afterwards chief storekeeper to King Mwanga. Then he became General of the Christian forces in the struggle with the Mahommedans. He has always been a pronounced Anglophil. He came over to England in time to be present at the coronation of King Edward, and he has gone back, according -to Sir H. Johnston's very appreciative notice of him, with many useful notions and "wholly unspoilt." In this book his secretary tells us what his matter and he thought about England and the English, and incidentally about various other matters. The two were vastly impressed by what they saw, and returned full of admiration for the wealth, the power, the cleverness of Britain and British people. This is good ; but it is better to see that they believe profoundly in the national desire to do right by their subjects. They express a very unfavourable opinion of German manners. "The Germans are very savage," says Ham Mukasa. It is only fain, hoWever, to add that Sir H. Johnston's experience is not the same. He has had to recommend German steamers in preference to English on account of their better treatment of negro passengers.