3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 41

Bible Flowers. By Rosemary A. Cotes. (Methuen and Co. 2s.

6d. net.)-Miss Cotes tells us a pretty little story of how in her childhood. she set up a garden of "Bible flowers," to which, at a brother's suggestion, she added a plot of "Bible weeds." Then a critic passed by, and told her that the flowers were not what she thought The rose was not a rose ; the lily was prob- ably a narcissus. The garden to which she now introduces us has no boundaries, is subject to no blights or pests ; in short, it is a garden which is of the mind and the imagination.. Nevertheless, she gives us a plan : a forest in the background, a wheat-field, nryrties and camphire bushes, almonds and spices, and a flower- garden. She goes on to tell us about Scripture trees and plants, " from the Cedar of Lebanonto the hyssop.on the wall"; she gives facts and. fancies, and now and then something like a parable. It

is a pretty-, tut& readable little book. , • 1 •.,