3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 41

We May mention together three little volumes belonging to an

excellent series with the title of "The Freedom of Faith" (James -Clarke and Co., is. 6d. per vol.) These are Prayer, by William Watson, MA.; A Reasonable View of Life, by J. M. Blake, MA.; and Inspiration in Comencm. Life, by W. L. Watkinson. All are good ; but the first, if not better than the others, deals with a subject on which we want perpetual encouragement. Logic is against prayer ; feeling is for it ; a writer who puts the case in such a way as appeals both to heart and mind does excellent service. The folly of Tyndall's famous test is ably exposed. To some minds it stands self-condemned; there are others to whom the -considerations which Mr. Watson urges may be useful. Two wards, it will be remembered, were to be taken. Prayer was to be used for the inmates of one, and not to be used for the other.

The patients would have to be told of the experiment and the reason." Imagine saying to them, "AS long as you are here, you must remain absolutely neutral."