3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 8

The White Standard, by E. F. Pollard (Blackie and Son,

2s. 6d.), is a story of the days of Joan of Arc. The hero is a young Scots- man who goes over to France in the train of the Princess Margaret, daughter of James I.; the heroine is his sister Priscilla; this, of course, necessitates the introduction of a second hero, one Lord William Stewart. There is no want of incident, historic and other, and Miss Pollard knows how to make a good use of her material (the publishers' praise of her powers is surely not in the best taste). In the interests of truth, it should have been made clear that the blame of the Maid's death does not fall wholly on the English. It was a French Bishop who condemned her ; while the French King might have saved her life, and would not.