3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 9

The Princess of Balkh. By Michael Macmillan. (Blackie and Son.

2s. 6d.)—Here the adventurous young Scot is seen to the best advantage. Ronald Macalpine, having fought in vain for Montrose, goes out to India, where he will find, as a Highland seer assures him, a marvellous career. And find it he does. He delivers a captive Princess of the Usbegs from captivity at Delhi, takes part with her nation, suddenly develops, after the manner of gift-book heroes, the capacities of a great general, and finally, to put the matter shortly, realises all the predictions of his prophet. The author has taken great pains ; he contrives to produce something of an Indian atmosphere ; and he tells his story with spirit. It must be understood, of course, that this story is essentially of the romantic class.