3 DECEMBER 1904, Page 9

With Pizarro the Conquistador. By A. L. Haydon. (A. Melrose.

6s.)—The story opens with a scene in a Spanish fishing village. Felipe, supposed to be the nephew of Miguel Esteban, is really an English lad, both of whose parents are dead. In chap. 2 we are taken to Seville, where Pizarro is planning his expedition ; here Felipe, who has the opportunity of doing one of the assembled cavaliers a service, finds employment ; and in chap. 3 he sails with his new comrades westward. After that the author follows, more or less closely, the path of history, though he has digressions and wayside halts, so to speak, while the private fortunes of his hero are developed. The real truth about the Pizarro business is not quite what the reader would imagine from this story. We do not suppose that this matters much. Anyhow, it would be very difficult to write these historical tales if exacti- tude were demanded.