3 DECEMBER 1921, Page 2

Some of Mr. Gandhi's Moslem " non-co-operators " started a

violent riot at Bangalore last Saturday and attacked the Dorset Regiment when they were summoned to restore order. The troops had to fire a few shots, killing four rioters, before the mob dispersed. Lord Reading has assured a deputation that he " cannot allow any political activity to impose its -will upon the country by violence, intimidation, coercion or other unlawful means." " Every man," he said, " may carry on -his lawhil pursuits in his own way and at his own will, and you may rest satisfied that all necessary steps for this purpose will be taken." If the assurance-is to be read literally, the violently seditious campaign carried on by Mr. Gandhi's faction will -have at last to)be sharply repressed. Several districts in the Punjab, including Amritsar, have been proclaimed under the Seditious Meetings Act.