3 DECEMBER 1937, Page 16

A Carrier Teal A new problem is added to the

old controversy whether birds can carry their own young. A schoolmaster in Bird Notes and News gives evidence of teal carrying off their babes, one after the other, to a considerable distance. The woodcock, which is one of the only well-authenticated carriers, probably holds the young bird between its legs. These parent teal carried the chicks in the beak. The nest was on a sort of cliff high above a pool and was watched carefully in order to see how the young descended the awesome height. Appa- rently they never went to the pool at all but were carted off to a much greater distance. I once watched a wild duck's nest built on an unusually high pollard willow ; and from this the young hurled themselves, falling to the ground as lightly as thistledown. •A friend of mine once saw a golder eagle momentarily hold up a young bird on its back while teaching it to fly; -and there are a few records of very small birds taking a ride on the backs of big birds ; but I do not know any parallel to this teal's practice. W. BEACH THOMAS.