3 DECEMBER 1937, Page 22


DETAILS were given in last week's Spectator of a special subscription offer made to Spectator readers for the benefit of friends who have not hitherto taken the paper regularly.

The terms of the offer are these. We will supply The Spectator weekly for a year to anyone whom a reader may wish to nominate, at the special price of 26s. In addition we will present, either to the reader paying for the subscription or to anyone else whom he likes to name, e, any book or books up to the total value of sos. 6d.

If the cost of the book required is in excess of sos. 6d., the difference between the published price and half a guinea should be added to the 26s. to be remitted.

Instructions and cheques should be sent to The Sales Manager, The Spesci ator: Ltd., 99 Gower Street, London, W.C. s, from whom any further details of this offer can be obtained.

The usual cost of a year's subscription to The Spectator is 30s.