3 DECEMBER 1937, Page 3

India in Transition : " Spectator " Articles It is

eight -months since the new Indian Constitution came formally into operation so far as Provincial Government is concerned, and five months since Congress Ministries took office in the provinces where a Congress majority had been returned. How is the new experiment working ? It is obviously too early to give a final answer to that question. We must wait, in particular, till Federation has become a fact and there is self-governnient at the centre as well as in the provinces. But it is not too soon to study the progress so far made and seek a basii for judgement regarding the future of the Constitution. The whole question will be examined in forthcoming issues of The Spectator in a short series of article's by Mr. Richard Freund, who is at present in India studying 'the political situation. Mr. Freund, who has written extensively on European politics, is a competent and unbiased observer. His first article, on The Gentle Dictator " (MI Gandhi),'will appear in next week's Spectator.