3 DECEMBER 1937, Page 56



Stock Exchange, Friday Afternoon.

Considerable sensation has been excited in the Money Market by the sudden and unexpected depression of Bank Stock, which has experienced a decline of more than-8 per cent. • having fallen from 2I2i to 204. The decline commenced on Wednesday afternoon ; when some of the most eminent brokers appeared as sellers. The market for this stock is limited, and the dealers in it few ; and though the transactions have not been extensive, this result has been to cause a depression first to 208, then 206, and ultimately today to 204. It A believed that this decline, has been caused, by the .altered state of the business of the Banc; which it is said 'has fallen off to such an extent as to render it extremely probable that a reduction of the dividend of 8 per cent. hitherto paid upon the Stock, will be forced upon the Directors. Much' discussion has arisen as to the concerns of the corporation ' • -and many statistical details relating to them are afloat ; but our limited space will not allow us to notice these documents, or to do more than state that the decline in the value of the Stock has not been assigned to any more probable cause than the supposed reduction of the dividend.