3 DECEMBER 1954, Page 14


STR,—A report entitled Pakistan's Problem' in your esteemed paper dated October 29 remarks: ' now the Constituent Assembly has been suspended. . . .' The correct position, however, is that the Constituent Assembly has been dissolved like any other Parliament be- cause fresh elections have been ordered. The Governor-General issued the proclamation dissolving the Constituent Assembly on the advice of the Prime Minister and this as you appreciate is an orthodox and time-honoured constitutional practice followed in all democratic countries. In view of this I shall indeed be most grateful if you will see your way through to assisting me in clearirig up any misapprehension' which might have been created by the unintentional use of the word ' suspended ' instead of dissolved.—Yours faithfully, s. M. HAQ Press Attach6 Office of the High 'Commissioner for Pakistan 35 Lowudes Square, S.W.!