3 DECEMBER 1954, Page 6

Ruminations in the Fog

The human race, though increasing almost hourly in wisdoal• culture and the ability to read and write, has ceased to crystallise its nous in proverbs. Gags and slogans, proliferating abort the formulation of conclusions based on the gradual. growth of experience; but in the vacuum thus created a fo", modern saws undeservedly survive. Of these perhaps the silliest is Robert Louis Stevenson's dictum that it is better to trail, hopefully than to arrive' This conceit (which its author hardly have expected to prove specious, let alone immortio contraverts all the lessons of experience; and if any fog.bounA motorist, as he nosed his way along the kerb, heard it murmuraf, by the lovely creature at his side, he would in my view be justified in extruding her from the vehicle. It is better to travel (or indeed to do anything else) hopefully rather thou, otherwise; but the object of travelling is to reach your desun!, tion, and failure—whether you are traversing Surrey or til",