3 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 1

News has been received of the arrival of Sir H.

Storks in Jamaica on the 6th January, and of his assumption of authority as Governor on the 7th. The whites had signed largely an address to Mr. Eyre, warmly approving his whole proceedings, and regretting that there "can be found in England men who, for the- sake of political purposes, will not hesitate to make capital out of rebellion and murder," and are "capable of commiserating the deaths of murderers and traitors." To this or similar excited language the late Governor replied in language still more excited. He said such encouragement was especially grateful to him, at a moment when his acts "have been so maliciously misrepresented and so unjustly maligned by a section of the English press and by par- ties at home, who have no sympathy with their fellow-countrymen suffering under the atrocious barbarities inflicted by savages be- cause those savages have a black skin, that they do not hesitate to call the great retribution which ovariebli., _ Thomas-in-the-East by the name of muand• Eyre had any cool judgment at all he would hold his tongue Wile the issue is being tried whether the 'retribution' did overtake only 'rebels' and 'ruthless rebels,' or a great many persons with black skins who deserve the name of savages' a good deal less than Colonel Hobbs and Captain Ford, and the name of fellow-country- men quite as much.