3 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 1


DARLIAMENT was opened on Thursday, though the Queen's Speech will not be delivered till Tuesday next. The Lord Chancellor informed the Parliament that "as soon as the mem- bers of both Houses have been sworn, the cause of the calling of this Parliament will be declared," and dismissed the Commons at once to choose their Speaker, who WAS presented for approbation and approved at two o'clock on Friday. On retiring to their own House, Mr. Monsen, the member for Limerick, rose and moved that the Speaker of the last two Parliaments, the Right Hon. John Evelyn Denison,—who was then sitting below the gangway,— take the chair of the House as Speaker. The choice of an Irish member to move the Speaker into the chair was significant, and Mr. Mon.sell performed the duty with great tact and ability, in- sisting much on the value Of that spirit of wise orderliness which is not often, and certainly not just now, a feature of Irish life. He paid a very graceful compliment to the late Lord Palmerston, and "that unerring instinct which en- abled him to stay the rising wave of angry controversy." The motion was saionded by Earl Grosvenor, an arrangement which Mr. Disraeli seemed to resent, remarking that it would have been better that the re-election of the Speaker should have been seconded by a Conservative, as on former occasions. The Speaker -thanked the House for his re-election, was duly complimented by Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Disraeli, not without mournful allusions to the late Premier, slight on the part of Mr. Gladstone, whose duty it will be, however, to propose a public memorial to Lord Palmer- ston's memory in a few days,—and very cordial on that of Mr. Disraeli.