3 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

"John C., Chesslryre" writes to the Times explaining, theaystein under

which the agriculturists of Hertfordshire have succeeded in distributing the loss from rinderpest. They decided to insure against all accidents or disease -to live stock, at 5 per cent. per annum in 'uninfected :districts, -the insurance be: effeeted -by a company in which 'every insurer must hold shams. equal to -one- fourth the value of the- stock:-insured. Since.18thSeptember the company has received 1,602/. in premiums, and has paid only 1451., besides-expenses to the amount of 185/. This first sum includes the cost of killing -an entire herd of, nineteen ' beasts which it was feared would take the pest. The company -pays three-fourths of the value of the beast; and -one-fourth-of the salvage,—that is, 'we 'presume,-returns one-fourth of all for which it may sell the -animal killed as-a measure of precatttion.