3 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

Mr. Chichester Fortescue attended the 'cinangnral " banquet of the

Lord Mayor of Dublin on January 30, and made a good speech. He said that the first step towards the " recovery of Ireland,", of which „he mentioned many signs, was to maintain tranquillity and order, and this the Government was resolved to do,. not by "mere measures of coercion and qpression," but by " takiagaway from the disaffectedIn Inland every excuse, every shadow -of an excuse, that the imust distempered and disordered imagination can conceive." We can scarcely believe that this ex- pression in.dicates the determination of. the- Cabinet to take the Irish Church and the Irish tenure fairly in hand, but it is pos- sible, and if it is done, and done successfully, even the failure of his Reform Bill will matter little to the reputation of Earl Russell.