3 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

The _Royal_ Academy has, after. two ...unsucroattful efforts, found a

painter to accept its presidency. - The. office .was.at -first offerod by a great majority to Sir Edwin Landseer, .who after a-week's consideration declined the honour. Reference was then made. to Mr. Maclise, who declined it still more decidedly, and the members on Thursday elected Mr. Francis' Grant,.R.A. Mr. Grant has -painted one or two pictures but little known, and several portraits -more known than approved. As ;.an artist he is no fitting repre- sentative of the Royal Academy, , but personally he bas , many recommendations, and the members probably preferred-Sin Edwin Landseer for capacities-which • he cannot display on canvas. If, however, the Academicians are willing to travel outside art, they had better elect some art-loving .peer, who wiltentertain them luxuriously, arid-do the show work perhaps better than any onee themselves.