3 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

The Manchester reformers held a very grandiloquent meeting in the.Vree

Trade Hall on -Monday night. The great gun was Mr. E. A. Leathern, ex-member for Huddersfield, whose speech was like a homoeopathic solution of Bright in water, —one globule of the third dilation of "Mr. Bright in half-a-pint of water. 'Mr. Leatham went agood.dealinto the venous and arterial system apro- pos of the life-blood of the people filling the heart of the Legisla- ture, and remarked that after the Reform Bill the national blood would get down to the feet, and England would "-walk -with a surer and a firmer tread among the nations of the earth." We suppose thatthe reason why she hobbles now is•cold feet, -and that the Reform Bill, like Dr. Chapman's ice to the spine, is to quicken the circulation. There was a good deal, too, of the sort of thing • that ends with "the statesman's aspiration and the patriot's prayer." But there-was nothing at all likely to help the former, and a good deal to disturb the-latter. If we‘get &good Reform . Bill, as we still !hope, it will be iu spite of thin sort of rhetoric.