3 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 22

The Fundamental Truths of Christianity. By C. Ernst Luithazdt. Translated

from the Third Edition by Sophia Taylor. (Hamilton Adams, and Co. ; T. and T. Clark, Edinburgii.)—Thia is another of thee many aids to.faith that are thickening upon us just now: The author. describes it as having grown out of Pascal's Penseee, and being intended toprove the need to humanity of a personal God. He treats with ability "of the anomalies of existence, the enigmas, of human life, and the problems of human nature," and has produced a work which is well worthy of the attention of those who think' thatscience can make. or unmake a God. We may be

"Only 'cunning casts in clay ; Let science prove we are, and then What matters science unto men?"