3 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 3

The University College Hospital has long been in the.deepest pecuniary

difficulties, showing a permanent dlefieit on , its "ordinary" budget of 4,000/. a. year. As it was for a long time -quite the leader of all improvement ,among all the London hospitals,.and still is among the foremost, in.all the appliances of medical science,-we.are happy to see that the Council of the College have hit upon a grand device for -raising a large dump suni.in..aid of its funds. ,They announce a performanceAt St. James's Hall on the-13th inst. of Gounod's new sacred drama Tobias, 'together -with a symphony, an Ave Verum, and other works of the same great composer. Madame .Lemmens-Sherrington, Madame Rudersdorff, and Mr. Sims Reeves will b3 amongst the singers, and the chorus and orchestra will be of the beat. M. Gomel will, it is hoped, be present in order to conduct, hut if 'unavoidably ,absent Mr. Benedict will supply his place. The Orchestra to-day mentions 'a rumour that the Queen-will honour the concert with her presence

as well as with her patronage. The concert promises to be one of the most interesting musical events of the season, and we trust will act as a great musical magnet to draw currency in masses into the pockets of the hospital. For an institution -which last

year Admitted 1,396 in-patients, remived out-patient, atteaded to 12,000 as casualties, land -relieved 1,446 ,ophthalmic patients, cannot well he spared. Warm haths,and lavatoriee.have only-recently been added to the hospital,And theaid of the. best nurses obtained. All this, however,,ccets money, and . besides a permanent deficit of 4,000/. a year it has Contracted a permanent debt of 8,000/. The united passions of charitytand rowlio ought to go a good-way towards filling .up this alarming; !but not fathom- less, abyss of impecuniosity.