3 FEBRUARY 1956, Page 15

POOR TRIBUTE SIR,—You gave it out ('Portrait of the Week,'

January 27) that 'Wales beat England at Rugby football, and Welsh fans nearly beat the police in their attempts to climb the Eros statue.' The first part of this statement is merely grudging; the second part is untrue.

Age, or the late hour•, must have dimmed your vision, for at about 11.30 p.m. on the night of the match several thousand less vener- able spectators saw two Welshmen standing simultaneously on the shoulders of Eros; this was achieved in spite of such unheroic defences as barbed wire, a thirteen-foot pali- sade (occupied by policemen whose long poles were set upon the fingers of each attacker who reached the top of the hoarding) and a swarm of constables too humourless to mention.

Perhaps, though, you were among those whose view was blocked by the muscular American lady who peered searchingly over the 'heads of the crowd and bellowed to her less sturdy husband, 'It is, Hector . . . I was right . . . it is a ball-game—Poor tribute, per- haps, to the second exciting Welsh victory of the day, but better than yours.—Yours faithfully,


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