3 FEBRUARY 1956, Page 15

SIR,—I erred in calling M. Gilson 'Father Gilson' and must

now apologise. It was seeing him described as Director of Studies at the Pontifical Institute of. Medieval Studies at Toronto which made me think he must have taken Orders.

However, Professor Brogan would be wrong if he thought this belief of mine had influenced what I said. And Dr. MacQueen is quite mis- tltken in gathering that I do not like theo- logians. Theology is, 1 think, .in many ways an intensely interesting subject. It is the sort of philosophy which is subservient to and circum- scribed by theology which seems to me to be boring. Dr•. MacQueen asks: Who has not sometimes found Marcel or Hcidegger boring? Or even Eddington or Russell? Speaking lot• myself I have never• been bored by Russell. Perhaps Marcel and Eddington are sometimes boring, though that is not the worst one might say of them. Heidegger I should consider not just 'sometimes boring' but consistently un- readable.

Dr. MacQueen's idea that Aquinas's being a theologian is 'irrelevant' is one which M. Gilson, at any rate, would vigorously reject.— Yours faithfully,


Travellers' Club, Pall Mall, SW 1