3 FEBRUARY 1956, Page 15

This tricky Schools Quiz posed by Betjeman (John), Is as

crudely Non-U as it is mauvais ton; But the truth of the matter is clear as can be To anyone living this side of the sea.

Rugby, Winchester, Harrow, Eton, Wellington, Stowe (Does it matter so much in what order they go?) Are part of an Englishman's mass incantation, Like 'jolly well played, sir!' or 'hell and damnation. Arc the best of these schools the ones whose alumni Know point from mid-off, or Marjoribanks from Cholmondeley?

Don% believe it, dear Sir, I implore, for a second!

It isn't like this that the matter is reckoned.

My own shrewd suspicion is, they're largely the same, And they say it's the onlooker sees most of the game.

But the school that is best is quite clearly the one To which each doting parent is sending his son. —Yours faithfully,


Co. Dublin, Ireland