3 JANUARY 1936, Page 24

Sin,—You published, on November 1st, a letter dealing with overcrowding

in Mental Hospitals. Since then, I under- stand that further reports have been issued by the Board of Control. It seems that at Wadsley there are 33 men and 125 women by day in excess of accommodation and 3 men. and 39 women by night. At Derby there are 55 too many men and 48 too many women both by day and night. "Serious over- crowding" is alleged at Bra cebridge Hospital, Lincoln, at Severalls and in the mental block of the Bolton Public Assist- ance Institution.

I hear that in one ward at Wadsley—containing 114 senile and sick women, of whom 31 are nursed in bed and 14 are suicidal and need watching—there are only 7 nurses by day and 2 by night. At Dundee the average number of nurses on duty is 1 to 15 patients and approaches the danger zone."—