3 JULY 1852, Page 8


The prorogation and dissolution of Parliament has not immediately thickened the plot of reelection. There is abundance of canvassing and of meeting-holding going on, but not more new candidates and retirements than in the last week.


BANBURY. Alderman Sydney, finding he had no chance against Mr. Tan- cred, has retired. Buestrbronestsmaz. The worthy Dr. Lee, of Hartwell House, is againr it is said, resolved to go to the poll against the Chancellor of the Exchequer and his colleagues. Cor,ennsrsat._ There is a split among the Conservatives ; and Mr. T. Prinaep, the East India Director, has been brought forward by a section of the party who object to Lord John Manners's supposed Tractarian sym- pathies.

Dimon," Sorra. The report that Sir J. Yarde; Buller would be ennobled is contradicted ; so the representation will stand undisturbed.

EYE. Sir Edward Kerrison retires, after thirty-seven years' service in Parliament. His son, Mr. Edward Kerrison, stands as a Derbyite.

Henry. Sir George Stanton and Mr. Charles Brett have retired ; their Liberal chances being too small.

HARWICH. Mr. Attwood will not stand again. Mr. Montague Peacocks comes forward as a Conservative, asking "fair play for agriculture." Lemma. Mr. Harvey has retired-as they say, purse-frightened. Larteummin, Nonni. Mr. Taylor, a County Magistrate, residing near

Whalley—a Protectionist, and one of the wealthiest men in Lancashire—has consented to come forward.

LANCASHIRE, Bourn. Sir Thomas Hesketh and Captain Egerton have publicly declined to stand. LONDON. Mr. R. W. Crawford has formally declined to be nominated ; and it appears likely that the four late Members will be unopposed. NORTHAMPTONSHIRE, Sorra. Mr. R. Knightley is a candidate for the seat from which his father Sir Charles Knightley lately resolved to retire. Colonel Cartwright is also a candidate, on principles "mainly the same as those which actuated his father during the fifty years he represented the county." Pssnme AND FALMOUTH. Mr. Freshfield, who declined to contest East Surrey, is a candidate as a Derbyite, who abandons hope of protection to agriculture. -STAFFORD. There are " five candidates in the field, and more talked of." The candidates are Mr. Cook Evans, a Liberal barrister Mr. J. Ayshford Wise, High Sheriff of the county, a Free-trade Liberal ; Otway, a Whig barrister, backed by the Roman Catholics Mr. Bourne, a Protectionist, lately hoisting Free-trade colours ; Mr. Phillips, a barrister of the Hume and Cobden school of politics; and lastly, " Mr. Urquhart has, to the as- tonishment of everybody, at the last moment, announced his intention to Brand again." WORCESTERSHIRE, EAST. Mr. Robert Clive, whose name was recently mentioned as one of the candidates for East Worcestershire, has no intention to come forward against Mr. Foley, and will offer himself for the borough of Ludlow.


Cor.sedann. A report that Alderman Humphery, late Member for South- wark, was feeling his way, through the Irish Society's agent, has produced a denia that the Alderman has any views on the borough.

KILDARE. Sir Edmund Kennedy comes forward as a Protectionist. Trerena.ay. Mr. R. V. Maher unexpectedly resigned at the end of last week.