3 MARCH 1855, Page 11

While Drury Lane becomes a house for opera, the Haymarket

resumes the experiment of ballet—not formal French ballet, be it understood, but that mad exponent of a fiery vivacity the native dance of Spain. The Terpsichore South of the Pyrenees has as much of the Bacchante as of the Muse in her composition ; and though she has her mouth filled with hard technical words, her feet seem to obey no law but that of a turbu- lent instinct. At Her Majesty's Theatre the true Spanish dance never throve ; it was not suited to the conventional notions of the habitues, who only accepted the Cachuoha and the Gitana when they had been duly fil- tered by artists of a elassi.' school. But no sooner did Perea Nena touch the boards of the smaller theatre in the Haymarket than an enthusiasm was created, which proves to be anything but transient. On Monday last she reappeared, more animated, more characteristic, and more reckless than ever; and found a crowd prepared to cheer her exploits to the echo. This time, too, she -brings with her a company much more efficient than that of last year; and thus even the secondary dances tell with excellent effect.