3 MARCH 1855, Page 19


Tuesday, February 27. PARTNERSITIES DISSOLVED.-Wadsworth and Son, Sheffield, masons-Whitehom and Stone, Featherstone Buildings, Holborn, manufacturing jewellers-Woodbridge and Hume, Primrose Street, Bishopsgate, brewers-Richumud and Co. Birkenhead, Are-proof-safe-manufacturers -Partington and Pateson, Preston, photographers- J. W. and J. Stannard, Ryde, Isle of Wight, painters-B. and M. Hart, St. James's Place, fruiterers-Kershaw and Son, Wilderness Row, Clerkenwell, stationers- Reynolds and Co. Birruiugham, and Reynolds and Cooke, Athlone, stay-manufac- turers-Reding,ton and Barton, Monkwell Street, Falcon Square, fancy.box-manufac. turers-Faulkuer and Sun, Daventry, Northamptonshire, linen-drapets-Watson and Co. Liverpool, merchants-Fraser and Co. Lower Thames Street, wine-mer- chants-Cocker and Sons, liatbersage, Derbyshire, wire-drawers-Jones and Side- botham, Manchester, tobacco-manutacturers-Jeffree and Woodhead, Hull, cot- ton-spinners-Phillips and Bette, Conduit Street, milliners-The Thurgoland Coal Company, Thurgoland, Yorkshire, coal-masters-Melson and Brothers, Batley, Yorkshire, masons-Holladay and Clemitson, Watling Street, warehousemen- Wait and Co. Preston, flint-glass-manufacturers; as far as regards J. Wait-Leach and Smith, Bardeley Mills, near Ashton-under-Lyne, cotton-spinners-Henderson and Co. Falkirk, chemists. BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED.-JOHN Ba.tnsuav, Mosley Road, Worcestershire, dealer in copper-ores. BANKRUFTS.-thrmay BYSHE (otherwise Bish,) Brighton, builder, to surrender March 13, April 17: solicitors' Freeman and Bothamley, Coleman Street; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-James Srladia, Wapping High Street, sail- maker, March 13, April 4: solicitor, Appleton, Abchurch Lane; otticial assignee, Graham, Coleman Street-Garman CUNNINGHAM STEWART, Hackney Road, draper, March 2, April 3 : solicitors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers; official assig- nee, Graham, Coleman Street-Tuomes lierme Revs, Aldine Chambers, Paternoster Row, printer, March 16, April 17: solicitor, Upward, Copthall Court ; iffilcial assig- nee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-JAxes TURNER, Hedge 1Low, High Street, Isling- ton, draper, March 5, 30: solicitors, Lowrance and Co. Old Jewry Chambers; offi- cial assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-JOHN SYKES, Little Tower Hill. clothier, March 9, April 17 : solicitors, Aldridge and Bromley, Gray'. Inn ; Notcuu, Ips- wich ; official assignee, Lee, Alderntubury-Tuomas Bovaetc Lawroao and.tHk- WIN MAITLAND, George Yard, Lombard Street. wine-merchants, March 9 April solicitors, Wright and Bonner, London Street, lenchurch Street official tagle!, Lee, AMerManbUry-SAMUEL BARNETT, Wellington Road, Liverpool Road, builder, March 10, April 13: solicitor, Theobald. Purnival's Inn, Holborn as- signee, Cannan, Aldermanbury-SIMEON RING, Northampton, boot-maker, March 10, April 13: solicitors, Slackeson, Litwoln'e Ion fields; Duignan and Hein- mant, Walsall, Staffordshire; official assignee, Whitmore, Brunughall Street- HeNitY JOHN BEIJEMANN, New Oxford Street, chair-inanufacturer, March 9, April 12: solicitor, De Jersey, St. Anne's Lane; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-WiLuAts JOSHUA Pthasa, Brick Lane, Spitaltields, linen-draper, March 9, April 12: solicitors, Bristow and Tarrant, Bond Court, Walbrook ; official assig- nee, Johnson, Basinghall Street-Gramma Sets; Ironmonger Lane, iron-enameller, March 9, April 21: solicitors. Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official as- signee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Whalers PALMER, tailgate, draper, March 7, April 21 : solicitors, Bole and Co. Aldermanbury ; official assignee, Pennell, Guild- ball Chambers-WILLIAM KEATES, Uttoxeter, Ironmonger, March 12, April 2: soli- citor, Reece, Birmingham; official assignee, Christie, Birmingham -HAVOC'S LOUNDS, Bourn. Lincolnshire, coach-builder, March 6, April 3: solicitors, Brown, Market Deeping ; James, Birmingham ; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham-Thomas 'Frisch, Nottingham. grocer, March 13, April 3: solicitor, Coope, Nottingham ; offi- cial assignee, Harris, Nottingham-Gnomon SII4PSON, Church Fenton, Yorkshire, chicory-merchant, March 20, April 16: solicitors, Walker, York; Bond and Barwick, Leeds; official assignee, Hope, Leeds-Jour WHITTAKER, Oldham, publican, March 16, April 5: solicitor, Ascroft, Oldham ; official assignee, Hernaman, Manchester- Jaime JOHNSON, Macclesfield, silk-dyer, March 12, April 4: solicitors, Wadsworth, Macclesfield ; Higson and Robinson, Manchester; official assignee, Pott, Manchester. MVIDENDS.-March 21, Griffith and Pearson, New Bond Street, tailors -March 21, Cowderoy. Hammersmith. omnibus-proprietor-March 19, Meadows, Warboys. Huntingdonshire, draper-March 2, Batmen, Cambridge, tailor-April 3, Newrnarch, Nottingham. hatter-April 3, R. and J. T. Robson, Derby. silk-manufacturers- March 20, Allcock, Nottingham, wine-merchant-March 17, Partridge, Birmingham, iron-worker-March 29, Ormerod and Co. Egypt Mill, Rawtenstsll, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturers-March 22, Evans, Exeter, bookseller— March 29, Godfrey, Taunton, Somersetshire, coach-maker-March 22, Jenvey. Barnstaple, bookseller- March 22, T. and W. Hutchings, Taunton, carriers-March 23, /looks, Sherborne, brewers-March 29, Hopekirk, Exeter, perfumer. CERTIFICATES.- 7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—March 21, Essinger, Old 'Change, straw-hat-manufacturer-March 20, Sheppard, Salisbury,grocer-March 22, Heyworth, Egypt Mill, Rawtenstall, Lan- cashire, cotton-manufacturer-March 22, Diane, Manchester, merchant-March 23, Waithman, Manchester, flax-merchant-April 4, T. and W. Finchett, Chorlton- upon- Medlock. brewers. DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.-Cooper, Luddington, Northamptonshire ; first div. of 9s. Wednesday next, and three subsequent Wednefidays ; Edwards, Sambrook Court-Billson, Leicester, tailor; first div. oils. any Thursday; Christie, Birmingham -Barratt, Stourbridge, butcher; first div. of Is. 41d. March 8, and two subsequent alternate Thursdays ; Bittleston. Birmingham-Strachan, Newcastic-upon-Tyne, brewer; third and final div. of ld. (in addition to Is. 5461. prey iously declared,) March 8, or any subsequent Saturday ; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-J. and R. Fines, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. tea-dealers; first div. on new proofs of 58. 6d. March 3, or any subsequent Saturday ; Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Scorch SEQCESTRATIONS.-Keith, Glasgow, bookseller, March 9-Finlay, Edin- burgh, printer, March 8-Barr, Chapellfield, Renfrewshire, bleacher, March 8- Symington, Carmichael, Lanarkshire, farmer, March 9 -Turiff and Co. New Corn- Dock, manufacturers of iron, March 9-Lawson, Paisley, calico-printer, March 8.

Friday, March 2. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Alston and Heyworth, Liverpool, share-brokers- Holloway and Co. Stroud, clothiers ; as far as regards Al. Crowe-Walsh and Oli- phant, Frith Street, Soho, watch-makers- Skelley (commonly called Hernandez) and Co. Bath, equestrians - Bovill and Son, Gosport, general-agents-E. and H. B. Browning, Stamford, architects-Room and Morton, Birmingham, metallic-bed stead- manufacturers-Nelson and Co. Chiswell Street, merchants-Denby- and Co. Leeds, drapers; as far as regards J. Howe-J. and W. Havelock, Guisborough, Yorkshire, tailors-Whitworth and Sons, Dewsbury, woollen-manufacturers -Brockbank and Co. Salford, carriers-Turner and Haywood, Salford, timber-merchants -Bairstow, Brothers, Halifax, woollen-merchants-Howarth and Clegg, Northwingfield, Derby- shire, coal-merchants-Creed, Great Hermitage Street, St. George-in-the-East, and Wood, High Street, Poplar, gunpowder-lightermen -Wells and Norton, Runcorn, potters-Spartali and Lascaridi, London, and Lascaridi and Co. Manchester-H. and H. Walmsley and Co. Manchester, cotton-spinners-Lindsey and May, Guildford Street, Russell Square, dentists-Massey and Thornton, Bi gham, smiths- Salter and Cockerill, Ellesmere, attornies-Sugdcn and Taylor. Itawtenstall, Lan- cashire, druggists-Dentith and Whitelegg, Manchester, inn-keepers-Stevenson and Sons, Barge Yard, Bucklersbury, merchants; as far as regards M. Stevenson- Lee and Co. Peterborough, coal-merchants ; as far as regards R. Lee. BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED.-WILLIAM LITTELL TIZAUD, Aldgate High Street, mechanical-engineer. Basixeciers.-Joan WALKER Meows, Sloane Street, upholsterer, to surrender March 13, April 13 : solicitors, Armstrong and 'Westbrook, Guildhall Chambers; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-RICHARD POPSIES and Co. Brent- ford, timber-merchants, March 13, April 19: solicitor, Brown, Finsbury Place, Finsbury Square ; official assignee, Edwards, SaMbrook Court-CHAeLes Fox, Stafford Place, Pimlico, victualler, March 10, April 20: solicitors, Martineau and Reid, Raymond's Buildings, Gray's Inn; official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall Street-blArrhEw RICHARD Scorr, Harley Place, Marylebone, merchant, March 16, April 20: solicitors, Smith and Alliston, Warnford Court, Throgniorton Street; official assignee, Cannon, Aldermanbury-JAMES NORTON WEEKS, East Cowes, hotel- keeper, March 6, April 18: solicitor, Catlin, Ely Place, Holborn ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-WILLIAM EDMOND CHAMPION, Addington Terrace, East India Dock Road, brick-merchant, March 13, April 17: solicitors, Lawrance and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street- WILLIAM PICKERSGILL, Beech Street, Barbican, builder, March 12, April 21: soli- citor, Jones, Quality Court; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers -Healey SHAW GoomeAsi, Starch Green, Hammersmith, varnish-maker, March 9, April 1S: solicitor, Ricotta, Hart Street, Bloomsbury ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Thomas Comte seas., Froxfield, Petersfield, Hampshire, cattle-salesman, March 12, April 21 : solicitor, Cordwell, College hill; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street-HE:te THOMAS RYDE, Gray's Inn Road, dealer in mining-shares, March 13, April 19: solicitor, Wyatt, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Lee, Alderman- bury-HENRY Mites, Great Portland Street, Marylebone, tobacconist, March 16, April 19: solicitor, Archer, Church Court, Clement's Lane ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court - JAMES RUMSZY, Coventry, victualler. March 16, April 14 : solicitors, Powell and Sons, Birmingham; official assignee, Bittleston, Birmingham-Jospeh and James IIARROP, Westbury, woollen-manufacturers, March 13, April 16: solicitors, Lawrance and Co., Old Jewry Chambers; Rodway, Trowbridge; official assignee, Hut- ton, Bristol-EVAN EDWARDS, Ahcravon, Tailbach, Glamorganshire. grocer, March 13; April 16: solicitor, Trenerry. Bristol; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol-BENJAMIN and WILLux BRAY, Okehampton, nursery-gardeners, March 13, April 12: solicitors, Burd, Okebampton ; Terrell, Exeter; official assignee, Ilirtzell, Exeter-Richaan LEAR MUOFOUD, Torquay, tailor, March 13, April 12 : solicitors, Carter, Torquay ; Stogdon, Exeter • official assignee, Hirtzell, Exeter -GEoaorr ELSTON, Crediton, boot-maker, March 12, April 11 : solicitors, Cleave, Crediton - Terrell, Exeter ; offi- cial assignee, Hirtzell, Exeter-Jour: CROCKER, Weymouth, tallow-chandler, March 12, April 11 : solicitors, Hale, Weymouth ; Turner, meter ; official assignee, Hirt- cell. Exeter -James Bairn and JOHN HoLmrs, Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted-manu- facturers, March 19, April 16 : solicitors, Weatherhead and Burr; Waterworth and Wright, Keighley ; Bond and Barwick, Leeds ; official assignee, Hope Leeds - ALEXANDER JACKSON, Manchester, clock-manufacturer, March 15, April 12 :


tore, Cobbett and Wheeler, Manchester; official assignee, Herumnan, Manchester. DIVIDENDS.-March 27, Pack, Lawrence Lane. City, hat-manufacturer-March 27,

Hunt, Bedford Row, wine-merchant-March 27, Miller, Portsea, mercer-March 23, Halford and Co. Canterbury, bankers -March 23, Peacock, Budge Row, whole- sale-clothier-March 26, Grossmith, Portsmouth, baker-March 26, Devin jun. Bed Lion Square, jeweller-March 26, Pepper, Threadneedle Street, victualler-April 3, Leake, Crowland, grocer-March 27, Rose, Nottingham, lace-cap-manufacturer- April 14, Joyce, Burslem, chemist-March 27, Asher, Old Dalby, Leicestershire, miller-March 26, Peers, Ruthin, Denbighshire, scrivener-March 26, Peck, Bache, Cheshire, wine-merchant-March 24, Deane and Youle, Liverpool, merchants- March 23, Lilley and Ashmall, Liverpool, merchants -March 23, Brunton, Bradford, Yorkshire, joiner-March 23, Mitchell, Bingley, worsted-spinner-March 23, Dixon, Bradford, Yorkshire, iron-merchant-Ma:eh 23, Blackburn and Stiebel, Leeds, iron- founders-March 23, Porritt, Batley, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner-March 23, Row- bottom, Halifax, Yorkshire, boiler-maker-April 14, Craig, Nuneaton, grocer.

CERTIFICATE13.-71, be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting. -March 23, Gardner, Water Lane, City, commission-agent-Mardi 26, Waistell, Noble Street, City, warehouseman-March 26, May, Ipswich, linen-draper :-March 23, Meekness, West Ham, Essex, baker-March 23, Broome, Portsmouth, victualler-blare!' 23, Smith, Newcastle Street, victualler-March 23, Boyce senior, Dover, innkeeper-March 26, Taylor and Burton, Stockport, cloth-manufacturers- March 13, Crowther, Manchester, grocer-March 27 Goldsmith. Nottingham, hatter -March 27, Asher, Old Dolby, Leicestershire, miller-March 23, Porritt, Batley, Yorkshire, worsted-spinner. DECLARATIONS or DIVIDENDS. -llignett, Liverpool, salt-merchant- first div. of 11d. any Monday; Bird, Liverpool-Battersby and Telford, Liverpool, iron-found- ers ; first div. of 4d. and first div. of 2d. on the separate estate of J. Telford, any Monday ; Bird, Liverpool-Woodworth, Liverpool, victualler; first div. of le. 114d, Monday ; Bird, Liverpool. Scorch Sicemmorrnarroma.-Lawrie, Gilmerton House, Edinburgh, chemist, March 23=Robertson and Lister, Glasgow, smiths, March 12-Smith, Bathven, Banffshire, merchant, March 14-Marshall, Edinburgh, jeweller, March 13.